Lines of gold

Maybe you’ve heard about Kintsugi before. That’s Japanese for „golden repair“. It’s the art of repairing broken pottery by mending the pieces with gold.

You shattered my life and let me deal me with the remaining pieces. I lovingly collected them all in the palms of my hands and took them home. I laid them all out in front of me: the past, the memories, successes and failures, the laughter, the tears, every single moment that I remembered fondly, because they were the ones that had created who I was. Whom you had rejected.

Then, I found my gold and started mending my life together: Friends who have carried me through these dark month and who believed in my strength when I had lost faith in me. My family who had my back when I had lost the ability to trust. I found gold in all of them who make this – my life – a wonderful journey.

I found gold in my heart, when I learned that it can still feel love, joy and compassion and that my calling lies in sharing it with others. Kintsugi. The gold that now lines my scars.

I am a piece of art.

You’re just an idiot who smashed something beautiful.