Ich bin nicht missgünstig, wirklich nicht. Das Glück der anderen, ob ein Wochenende mit dem Schatz am Meer oder das Gefühl, verliebt zu sein…ich gönne es Euch von Herzen. Es stößt mich nur mit Nase darauf, dass irgendwas fehlt.


Ein schönes und glückliches Wochenende.

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  1. I will not make crazy proposals, but there are ways to get this happiness for you too.

    Maybe you miss understood that the sea can be watched alone. Feelings can be really paralyzing, preventing to have fun, friends chat, wine and maybe more 🙂

    Thinking that something is missing is just the way to realize you are alive. Having time, having no decision to take can be viewed as a real chance too.

    Everyone wants what he cant have. Matching those 2 precepts is another goal of a full well filled life.

    Think about Venezia, Roma, or other places, and accept easter who is coming from here.

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