Ich hatte geglaubt,
Drama und Liebe würden zusammengehören,
jedes ein Beweis für die Existenz des anderen.

Aber das Gegenteil ist der Fall:

Drama, ebenso wie Leidenschaft, sind bloß
aufwendige Tarnungen für eine Liebe,
die nie Wurzeln geschlagen hat.

Ein Gedanke zu „Feststellung

  1. Obviously, drama & love go together, but these are not the lone ones.
    You can count on hope, and maybe disappointment too.

    All of those feelings are human, and the human nature is not the most perfect one, but this is how we are. If all is great, how will you make the difference between each person.

    Dramas should not be lived as a fight against life or against destiny. Everyone has to deal with that, finding the nicest perso to his eyes, and this is how dreams come true, and so, how to plant the tree of feelings who will rule the rest of your life.

    Each one will have his own dreams, his own needs, and Love would help you to find your way, and so to throw dramas away.

    You have to deal with all of these minds, but your Love would make those ’nefasts‘ one disapearing.

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