2 Gedanken zu „Für jede Stimmung gibt es einen Song

  1. But is there a song for every mood ?
    You should also think so. Here are some examples:
    „Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics“, „A Night Like This – Caro Emerald“, „Il Mago di Venezia – Rondo Veneziano“, and so on 🙂 (including one you already posted on your blog).

    Everyone has to continue, not depending on the actual mood, neither on the actual moment. The futur is going to be the one you will draw for you. Every bad moments, pasts, presents or future will guide you to get „your“ life, I mean the one you are dreaming to get. Each action causes a reaction, and for each of them, we are learning, and evolving in our lives.

    Not all days are good, but for each of bad ones, we took lessons, and we grow.

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