into the blue

I totally understand why this nail coat color is named „charming“ 🙂
Now my nails look like my kitchen doorway – I love this color <3

Have a great weekend, all of you…with lots of blue sky, time for photography, friends and family.
Take care.

Ein Gedanke zu „into the blue

  1. Take care too !
    As already said, you are a Princess (can I say, my Princess ???).

    This color, like all other blue tendances are boys‘ prefered ones…

    Maybe one day someone will take care of you as you wanted us to take care of us !

    I hope you will have a beautiful week-end, as much as some of us will have, thinking that missundestandings are the worst thing in the world: languages must/should be learned.

    May you be happy, may you be the happiest woman in the world ! I wish you all what you could need !

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