Zelte abgebrochen, auf in den Norden. Alleine. Klarkommen. Antworten finden. Freunde und Familie im Rücken gehabt. Gelitten, Genossen, alleine Hamburg entdeckt. Verliebt in Hamburg – im doppelten Sinne. Zuhause besucht. Neue Freunde gefunden. Ein Zuhause gefunden. Zuhause und Job verloren. Zurück nach Köln, Sehnsucht nach Hamburg, nach der Liebe. Kein Halten. Neuen Job gefunden. Verliebt und…entliebt irgendwie. Hafen, Schiffe, Hamburger Wetter. Regenjacke gekauft. Echte Hanseatin jetzt. Bande, die nicht mehr zu lösen sind. Freundschaften, die halten werden. Herz verloren in Hamburg. Herz gebrochen in Hamburg. „In Hamburg sagt man Tschüß“. Und nun? Zeit, Zelt abzubrechen? Nacher fühlt sich an wie vorher. Keine Antworten gefunden in Hamburg.

Ein Gedanke zu „Kurzfassung

  1. Just read it maybe a 10th time …
    There is nothing to understand there, but there may have, not solutons, but extrapolations to do… You seem to think Hamburg can be the starting of some of your „pasts“ troubles. Maybe you should move elsewhere.
    There are jobs, and not only there: Germany is really big, there are others towns, and the world is also easy reachable.
    You love travelling: take a new start point if it can clear your minds, and your feelings too.
    Much more: there are many beautilful places to live. You could pick up a mundial map, and put a finger anywhere to choose your first destination (Marseille is the center of the world, maybe I will be lucky :-P).
    Anyway, you need to change your mind: rehashing bad minds cant be the solution to feel better.
    Answers can be found elsewhere: take your courage in your hand, and close this bad subject. I am not saying to forget it, but to take it appart for a while.
    You have some friends, you have some longtime friendship too, and you should use those relations to feel better, as you did last week-end.
    You know where they are, you know how to reach them, to contact them, so, as an old advertisement: „just do it“.

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