The unsent project

to X.:
I knew you’d find excuses again. Just sad you wouldn’t make an effort to find one less lame.

to X.:
I don’t ever want to see you again – in any of my lifetimes. Still, you haunt my dreams. Can you please go fuck off?

to X.:
(I want to type just that. And manage never to reply to any of your sorry-ass attempts to stay in touch again.)

to M.:
Whatever happened to us being soulmates?

to S.:
All those years passed and I kept thinking of you – decades really … I wonder: did I ever cross your mind?

to X.:
I miss you dearly. But our friendship got too much for me to maintain. I’m so sorry.

to X.:
I still keep your number in my phone. Even though you’ve left so long ago. Seeing your name reassures me you were here.

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